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The electronic edition of United Art Rating (25.02, dated September 7, 2019) is available for charity sale. This edition includes names, dates of life and rating categories of 62373 artists.


This edition includes:

Russian Art Rating (united Rating of artists of Russian Empire, the USSR, Russian emigration, Russian Federation and the republics of the former Soviet Union), 52956 artists;

International Art Rating (all-world Rating of artists of XVIII–XXI centuries, forming the world art heritage), 11067 artists;


– Pricing recommendations.


Electronic edition is available in one of two variants: Russian and English. All information on this page refers to the English-language edition. Information about the Russian-language edition is here.


The profit of the sale of the electronic edition is donated by Artists Trade Union of Russia to needy artists.



Price and terms of use of the electronic edition of the Rating


Price and terms of use of electronic edition depend on the main license. Validity of all kinds of main licenses is unlimited.


1. Individual license.

An owner of an individual license has right to copy electronic edition on any his own computer for personal use.

An owner of an individual license is not entitled to any other copying or modification of the electronic edition, resale it or transfer to others for any purpose, both commercial and noncommercial.

The price of single purchase – 30 USD.


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2. Wholesale License.

An owner of the wholesale license has right to retail the electronic edition by copying.

An owner of the wholesale license is not entitled to:

– distribute the Rating free in Internet, file storages, torrents, etc.;

– make any changes to the folder "United Artists Rating. Edition ÕÕ.ÕÕ" of the electronic edition;

– exceed the stipulated maximum number of copies;

– allow his customers further replication.

An owner of the wholesale license must produce his own additional license and put in the folder "Official Delivery. United Art Rating. Edition XX.XX" along with the file "Main license".

The price of the wholesale license depends on the maximum number of copies and is a subject for a separate agreement.


3. The license of an authorized dealer.

Terms of cooperation with the authorized dealers are the subject for an individual agreement.







Electronic edition of the Rating with an assigned unique number of the license is delivered to the buyer within 3 working days after the receipt of payment. There are other possible ways of transmission by a separate agreement.

The delivery is done by E-mail as an archive.



Description of the delivery


The electronic edition of the Rating is supplied as the folder "United Art Rating. Edition XX.XX", where there are:


1. File "Main license" (the type and number of the license, other relevant information);


2. Folder “United Art Rating. Edit. XX.XX", where, in turn, there are:


2.1. Files with the description of Rating:

2.1.1. File "1. United Art Rating" (general description of Rating);

2.1.2. File "2. Statute and principles of Rating ";

2.1.3. File "3. Description of Rating categories ";

2.1.4. File "4. Pricing recommendations".

2.1.5. File "5. Abbreviations".


2.2. Sub-folders:

2.2.1. Russian Art Rating;

2.2.2. International Art Rating.


In the sub-folders 2.2.1–2.2.2 there are the Rating files. Each file corresponds to one letter of the alphabet (sorted by last names of the artists).

The format of all files – PDF.

HERE is an example of one of the pages of one of the Rating files.



Protection against unauthorized copying

and other forms of software piracy


We do not tie an electronic edition to a particular computer of the license holder and do not protect opening of each folder or file with a password, as we understand that:

– that is very inconvenient for users;

– there are no programs inaccessible to hackers;

– it makes no sense to use the pirated version, because the Rating is constantly updated;

– an average user of the Rating is a cultured person, who does not want to compromise his good name, and moreover to break the law.


In order to struggle against software piracy, we:

– use the most secure PDF format with banning of amendments, conedition to other file formats, printing, copying of the contents to the clipboard;

– give users ability to check the authenticity of an ordered or purchased copy of the Rating;

– carry out constant monitoring of Internet and give information about pirates to the authorities for administrative and criminal liability.


Attention! If the electronic edition is sited in Internet for free downloading, including torrents and other file storages – it is certain piracy. In such cases, viruses may be spread under the guise of the Rating. We recommend also to beware of "sellers of air", who, offering to download the Rating, propose to make some manipulations at the mobile phone, credit card, etc.)

Please inform us about found distributors of pirated editions, "providers of viruses" and "sellers of air"!



Free quotation of the Rating


Free quotation of the Rating in accordance with Art. 1274 of Russian Federation Civil Code in any electronic or printed publication is allowed in the amount of one Rating of one artist on one page.



Please send us your considerations, amendments, corrections

and information about artists, museums, galleries and web-sites devoted to arts!


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